• New Feature: Allow each budget group to be exported as excel.


  • Fix the bug causing tag reports not being able to display tag names properly.
  • When using shortcuts for reports, the saved values should now be able to show on the report panel after the report is generated.


  • Allow warnings to be properly issued when creating new budget items.
  • Starting and ending date check should now be working properly.
  • Fix the problem where budget group can not properly show the latest ending date.
  • Added extra error check and message when creating new shortcut.


  • Previous bug fix causing certain accounts always show starting balance in summary, this has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug causing new accounts with starting balance but no transactions will not show the balance on account summary.


  • Fixed the bug causing newly created budget/goal groups not being able to detect and show properly(especially for new accounts).
  • Removed the no budget item warning message, replace with listing all budget/goal groups.
  • Added color bar to the left of each budget group, if the group has choiced a color.


  • Added refresh buttons on budget groups.
  • Budget list will automatically refresh after changes have been made.
  • Remove unused buttons on budget menu.


  • Completely redesign the budget interface.
  • Added features to delete budget group or goal group.


  • Fix the bug causing tags in transaction filter not being able to disable and reset properly.
  • Fix the bug causing transaction filter showing previously deleted tag results.


  • Fix the bug causing date range cannot be set in report.


  • Fix the bug causing currencies cannot be re-added after deletion.


  • Fix the bug causing parent tags cannot be selected properly.
  • Getting start screen should now be shown when no account or currency has been found.
  • Warning message should now be shown properly if no open account exists when adding new transactions.
  • Account lists should now be properly shown and available.


  • Fix the bug causing new person cannot be created.


  • Fix the bug causing person email not being able to show.
  • Allow import transactions from Excel CSV format.


  • Fix the bug causing transaction filter not being able to work properly for tag with children.
  • Monthly statement mode should now function properly.
  • Transactions should now be properly exported to excel(including brought forward & balance if exists).
  • Adjust some import error notifications.
  • Allows user to import QFX(Intuit Web Connect), refer to Import OFX/QFX.
  • Add message and link allowing user to learn how to import OFX/QFX in getting start page.


  • Fix the bug causing some shortcuts not being able to add or load properly.


  • Version 3 released.
  • Added new features for transactions adding & editing.
  • When editing or adding transactions, right click on a row will bring up context menu allowing the following features:
  • Shows the unit price(if available).
  • Copy this row and add to next line(will create a new row with the same data). The order may not maintain the same in editing mode.
  • Copy tags in this row and add to next line(only works if this row has tags, will not create new row).
  • Delete this row, same as choose current row and press delete button on keyboard.
  • Delete All, user can delete all transactions and start over again, or delete all the transactions currently editing.
  • Accounts should now be pre-selected properly based on previous choices.
  • More information such as address, email can be entered in Person.
  • Person can now be edited and updated normally.
  • Person now has the option to be closed.
  • Fixed the decimal bug.
  • Tags can now be associated with a external ID, this ID is used to maintain consistance with other softwares and services.
  • Tags can now be listed both vertically and horizontally. It's not very pretty yet, but hopefully will help with the scrolling in certain cases.
  • New Feature: Import Tags
  • Beta Feature: OFX version 1 & 2 integration. Allow imports of transactions from online bank statement, MS Money, or any other program that supports the export feature of OFX format. Options to extract payee, match by person name, and automatically matching category to tag external ID. Learn more

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